Who is This Fern Guy?

Well, I’m pretty much just like you. Back in 2007 I found myself “comfortably unhappy” in my job. Sure it paid my bills (kind of) but it wasn’t doing work I loved or really cared about. It was just a J-O-B. Nothing that excited me, just a paycheck.

This job wasn’t all that different from the past one’s I’ve had. I’ve actually had five very different careers in my life and was never one to stay too long if I wasn’t happy. So I jumped from one career to another, always doing well, but never really happy. I see now that I was searching for something that I could get charged up about and that I really enjoyed doing.

Pretty much on a whim, I decided to become a dog trainer. And everything clicked and now love my job and look forward to getting up and going to work every single day – it’s a great feeling.

My Journey with Dogs

I began my dog behavior career at a doggie daycare where I spent my days supervising the daily daycare packs and studying the intricacies of canine communication. I also worked at a holistic pet shop, where I learned about canine nutrition and wellness from Jeff Coltenback. I soon decided to get a more formal education in dogs and got certified in dog training through an online program which I was more than a little disappointed with. And it was that experience that motivated me to create The FernDog Trainer Academy.

I went on to continue my education on my own devouring every book, going to every seminar and and speaking with every trainer I could get in front of. I worked hard and in only a couple of years started my own dog training company, FernDog LLC, and shorty after my own non profit, The FernDog Rescue Foundation.

In addition to my private training and consultations, I teach group classes and conduct seminars throughout New Jersey and New York. I am an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator and am heavily involved with animal rescue. After many inquiries from people wanting me to teach them how to do what I do, I developed my one-on-one mentorship program where I teach aspiring dog trainers. The success of that program led me to develop the Make Dogs Your Life online program, so that I can help people across the globe follow their passion and become successful dog trainers.

Since I worked at a few corporate jobs as well as been an entrepreneur, I have a good foundation of business skills that really helped me accelerate my success. Wanting to share my knowledge on the business side of dog training I also created Business of Dog Training, where I provide information and coaching to help dog trainers grow their businesses.

I’m the author of A Better Life with Your Dog, my book on dog behavior, and Dog Spelled Backward, a novel inspired by my pit bull, Hayley.

Most recently, I’ve been asked to be a resident expert on Petocracy, the new online community website for pet owners. On the site I write articles and answer training questions for the members.

I’ve come a long way since that day I started down the dog training path. I’ve never been happier and know that I’ve found the last career I’ll ever have.

I hope you will join me.

– Fern